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Public Health
The project aims to motivate the population as a whole to exercise activities they like and to get themselves back on the track to good health. Special target groups are children and young people, the elderly, and those who are inactive and tend to be ”couch potatoes”.  

to share

Physiotherapists want to share their knowledge of physical activity and its benefits with patients and the general public, and to take an active part in society’s efforts to develop efficient and motivating strategies for promoting health and preventing illness.

to act

The cornerstone of the project is the website
In addition to offering other facilities, it is an idea bank.
The local branches of the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association award the “get-moving”- prize to creative schemes to inspire other organisations, working partners, politicians and managements to implement good public health projects.

The local branches of the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association honours creative projects  with the ”get-moving”-price, hopefully stimulating other organisations, working-partners, politicians and managements to realise good public health projects.

A type of “cheque book” is produced, giving short and humorous advice for “get-moving- days” and encouraging people to check their most private account – themselves. The brochure has become very popular and a large number have been distributed, mostly at workplaces. Another brochure encourages families to get active together, and a pamphlet entitled “Nice to know” aims to inspire the elderly to be active both physically and socially.

The brochures and posters form a series of recommendations for moving together towards a better life. All the material is free of charge.

to contribute

The project communicates activity in a motivating manner and shows the commitment and willingness of  physiotherapists to contribute to the government’s efforts towards better public health.  


The “Get moving” project run by the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association (NPA) is a three-year scheme that started in January 2002 and will be evaluated at the end of 2004. By that time the intention is for the ideas and initiatives from the project to be incorporated into the association’s work and further developed as regular tasks. The organisation both locally and centrally will give this priority.

Since “get moving” is not a research project but aims at inspiring activity and exercise to promote health and prevent illness, the NPA is interested in finding out whether the measures implemented have motivated target groups in the population and its own members.

As indicators we will

–  register the number of visits to the “get moving” and “get better” websites
–  register the number of orders for the three booklets –  “Cheque book”,
“Motivation” and “Worth knowing”, and who place orders
(companies, organisations, health personnel)
–  register the number of orders for posters
–  register the number of  “get moving” prizes awarded and mentions
in the media, and record how
the campaign motivates people to exercise in local environments
–  register the number of participants in the NPA’s new courses that are oriented
towards public healt
–  conduct a survey among selected physiotherapists from both local authorities
and private practice on whether they have benefited from the project and the
project material, and if so – in what way.

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